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Post Project Services from Riemco Building Company

"There was never a time we felt left out or ignored, and all of our questions were responded to quickly and answered to our satisfaction.  ... We cannot believe the quality difference between our last new home and our new Riemco home. "

— Homeowner in
Manchester, MI

Post-Project Services

When your project is complete, Riemco provides a comprehensive orientation to all the key features, systems, and warranties that are important to a property owner. They also provide tips on energy efficiency, conservation, and maintaining your investment in top condition. For major warranty items, Riemco will monitor performance even after you have moved in. And though active monitoring is not indefinite, Riemco continues to respond to questions and needs that arise beyond the warranty period.

A Riemco Homeowner Manual, designed to assist you through each step of creating your new home, becomes yours when a professional services agreement is signed. We encourage our clients to bring it to all meetings. As things progress, you may add items to it, and when the project is complete you will have a valuable, customized record to help you maintain your home. Each manual’s content is customized. A Riemco Homeowner Manual includes:

  • Company and project overview
  • Information on purchasing and financing options
  • Orientation on the construction process
  • Specifications on all major systems and equipment
  • Specifications on all structural and decorative features
  • Warranty information
  • Tips on energy efficiency, conservation, and routine maintenance
  • Sample maintenance schedule