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From a Riemco project based on a plan featured in Susanka’s second book, Creating the Not So Big House

“The qualities we long for have everything to do with taking time, building for the long term, crafting and paying attention to who we are, what we care about, and how we affect our world.  The Not So Big House celebrates the beauty of daily life.  With minimum means, it makes the act of living an art. It restores the soul to the structure. ”

— from The Not So Big House
by Sarah Susanka

The "Not So Big" Philosophy

Riemco encourages designs scaled to livable and comfortable proportions. We are proponents of the “Not So Big” concept popularized by architect Sarah Susanka.

A floorplan designed by Riemco will be inspired by your lifestyle and tailored to the way you really live. The space will be created to hold the things that have meaning for you, and to strike a balance between openness and privacy. Optimizing functionality in a smaller footprint allows for the incorporation of more beautiful details and inspires us to take care of the things that matter.

Susanka maintains an extensive website at where information about her books and professional activities can be found.