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Sustainable Home Construction in Chelsea MI

Healthy, Efficient, and Sustainable

Green building is the practice of creating homes and workplaces that are healthier, safer, more comfortable and more affordable, and that are built to last.

Building green increases the efficiency with which buildings use resources such as energy, water, and materials, while reducing a building’s impact on health and the environment.

Riemco Building Company looks at every project as an opportunity not only to offer high quality construction services, but also to practice environmental responsibility by incorporating these core green building principles:

  • Building quality, durable structures
  • Using sun and site to advantage, for natural heating, cooling, and lighting
  • Incorporating durable, salvaged, recycled, and sustainably harvested materials
  • Using energy-efficient and water-saving appliances, fixtures and technologies
  • Insulating well and ventilating appropriately
  • Reducing and recycling construction and demolition waste
  • Landscaping with native plants and water conserving practices

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