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Riemco began as a building company and gradually began providing some of the design work for its homes. Initially, it was to fill in a gap: drawings brought to them by customers did not provide detailed specifications and customers often couldn’t visualize how the two-dimensional drawings would translate into finished work.

Over time, design work was fully integrated into our building business. Now our customers’ projects are modeled in virtual 3D using computer design software, enabling homeowners to better understand spatial relationships within the home and actively participate in making decisions that affect the final results, including cost.

We can modify and/or detail a plan from another source, or we can create an original plan based on your general ideas All design work done by Riemco is integral to its building process, rather than a stand-alone service.  

From Riemco, you can expect:

  • Unique architectural design features
  • Overall beauty
  • Functionality and practicality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Comfort and livability